4 Reasons to Get Cricut’s Premium Mystery Box for April

The Cricut’s Mystery Box for April Mystery is finally here! And there are four key reasons you want to get your hands on one!

1. The value of this month’s mystery box is $175.93 but you’ll be able to get it for only $49.99 (all sales are final)! You’ll get at least five cartridges and heaven knows what all else. You know those cartridges sell for at least $10 each, so that alone is worth the price of the Mystery Box. Everything else is just gravy! About $125 worth of gravy!

2. As you know, Cricut’s Mystery Boxes are very popular because they contain such great stuff and so much of it! So the 2nd reason you need to purchase this now is that supplies are limited! These boxes sell out fast.

3. Mystery Boxes typically include fun cartridges, cards and accessories. Premium Mystery Boxes include all that, often in greater quantities, plus so much more! You could get enough card-making and paper-crafting items to keep you busy for a very, very long time.

4. They are super fun to receive and open! A very merry unbirthday to you! There’s nothing like a box of new toys to inspire you to create.

Purchase it for yourself or as a gift and solve the mystery of what’s inside! Since not all boxes will necessarily contain the same items, you might want to coordinate with a friend who also uses the Cricut system so that you can trade items you may already have.

This offer is only good until April 30 of 2016, or while supplies last. Get the Cricut Premium April Mystery Box before it’s gone!